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Love Iguehi is a custom clothing and apparel company based in Oakland, California. We are a “Made-in-America” brand that uses strikingly colorful and beautifully bold African Ankara prints curated by founder and designer Iguehi James, to create fashions that showcase both her Oakland roots and her Nigerian heritage.  The company is focused on creating the highest quality custom clothing and limited-edition ready to wear pieces that compliment and accentuate the body. Each piece features beautiful textiles and vibrant colors that serve as one-of-a-kind statement pieces for every occasion. Every item is hand cut, so print placement varies ensuring that no two items are the same.  All Love Iguehi merchandise is hand-made with two aspirations: That you – “Love the way you look. Love the way you feel.”



Iguehi James is a Nigerian-American born and raised in Oakland California.  Iguehi has always had an eye for fashion, but for years she was content pulling together unique pieces with bright colors for herself.  People would often remark, “Wow, Iguehi! That looks great on you! I’m not sure how you pulled it off, but somehow it works.” Iguehi never imagined that one day she would be a designer.   

Love Iguehi was born out of her desire to create apparel that was beautiful and within her budget.  Starting a business was not the first consideration or even in her mind, but Iguehi discovered her love for sewing when she picked up a sewing machine and taught herself how to sew in the Fall of 2015.  Her friends and even random people asked her where she bought her clothing and once they found out that she made the items she was wearing they unabashedly asked for their own pieces. As her talent and experience grew it became clear that Iguehi had a gift for sewing by eye, a talent for picking fabrics and a keen sense for fashion. With the encouragement from friends and support of her husband, just 1 year after teaching herself how to sew, in August of 2016 Love Iguehi was birthed.

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