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A note of "Thanks" from Iguehi

A note of "Thanks" from Iguehi
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Hey Love Tribe!


We have come to the end of 2021 and I am grateful. When the pandemic started, I never thought we would still be in it going into 2022. If you are reading this, it means we’ve made it. My gratefulness is centered on that fact. In all transparency, we did not accomplish everything that we wanted to in 2021 and we haven’t felt good about all the things happening around us. We could easily focus on things that are still a hot mess (talking for myself) and reflect on how we experienced a lifetime of tribulation over the last 21 months and no one would reject that. It has been difficult. 


However, if you are reading this, take heart because you’ve made it. You have managed to overcome large and small challenges and a deadly season where we have lost loved ones, elders, friends, and people we don’t know. All of it has cost us emotionally and physically. Yet, here we are. We have grown our business this year and we have pushed forward with plans for future growth because of you. Your patronage and support has helped us grow in a challenging retail environment. We would love to have explosive growth every year and exceed our financial goals exponentially, but this year has reminded us that our goal is simply that you love the way you look and love the way you feel. And Let me tell you, you all loved some Love Iguehi in 2021. 


We introduced new products like our Just a HInt Chika Maxi Dress, Bubble Kaftan, Gathered Wrap and Mini Shift Dresses. You gravitated to prints known as Makeda, Hadiza, Adira, and Sarai because you are royalty.  And, you supported us at the soft opening of our brick and mortar retail store in downtown Oakland. Thank you!!!  


You have made our year and we are so thankful for how you rolled with us through supply chain issues and incorporated us into your closet. You inspire us to keep going and dream bigger than before. We plan to kickoff 2022 with the grand opening of our retail store at 308 13th Street in downtown Oakland on January 15th (more info to come). We are looking forward to adding new designs, more prints and print combinations. We may even introduce something specific for men (if Parren gets his  


Please be safe and take good care. Let us know how we can help you love the way you look and feel.  Trust us, you are already beautiful, wonderfully made, and built with a purpose.  



Iguehi & The Love Iguehi Team (i.e. Parren & my friends. Lol)


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