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The Culture of Fashion: We always set the trend, Never forget it!

The Culture of Fashion: We always set the trend, Never forget it!
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Thinking about my love for my culture, my family and my business had me reflecting on how dope we are in this fashion industry. Our contributions, many times overlooked, under appreciated and underpaid; are a result of so many amazing fashion designers that have poured love into their work only to not get credit. So let me take a moment to celebrate them!

Fashion, trendsetting, luxury fabrics, and more are all staples in the fashion industry but what about accessories and more importantly STYLE?! Anyone can make pretty spectacular garments but how one wears them and what they wear them with makes all the difference. We know that nothing is new under the sun so give credit where credit is due- and that’s to my fellow black designers, stylists, trendsetters, models, photographers and everyone involved in capturing the raw, authentic essence of black people throughout the history of the fashion industry!


Jewelry is one staple style component where trends are spearheaded by Black culture continue to thrive. From gold-plated to bling to afro-centric style jewelry; the way in which we wear jewelry will forever be a part of styling and trendsetting for all fashion industries.


We are responsible for not only components of fashion and its trends but we contribute to ENTIRE fashion movements! Primary example is the “flapper girl” who debuted in the 1920s. Garments embellished in crystals, adorned with finger waves, a headdress, gaudy jewelry and feathered finishes continue to influence the trends of today.  Josephine Baker made this style popular and Rihanna, during her CFDA Fashion Awards red carpet made it current.


Let’s take a look around today’s fashion industry, shall we. Our Black culture cannot be denied nor should it be. Behind much of today’s fashion that’s welcomed by the masses is a story of how stylistic individuality was frowned upon and the intentional erasure of Black contribution. Although we may not always get the credit deserved, its an undeniable fact that Black contribution is seen all over the sidewalks of NYC to the runways in Paris. 


Love Iguehi is a luxurious apparel company filled with Black culture, African inspiration and an appreciation for all things fashion--- black trendsetters included. We pay homage to our fashion trailblazers by the love that we put into making quality, luxurious apparel that is built to last and look great in every wardrobe it encounters.


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