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Motherhood Style Guide: Styling Moms from the Store Aisles to the Boardroom

Motherhood Style Guide: Styling Moms from the Store Aisles to the Boardroom
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After giving birth, style typically goes out the window. One can look at a mom and tell if she was up all night, whether she brushed her teeth or combed her hair. Clearly, she has on the same clothes from yesterday but all and all everyone seems to be ok with it because its considered “Mom Style”. Ha! Why is that? Moms are equipped to take on the world with a smile on their unwashed face and pleasant disposition with stains on her clothes. But NOT anymore if I can help it! Disheveled, frumpy and messy will no longer describe “Mom Style” from here on out!


Love Iguehi is here for all moms to dress stylishly yet comfortably while tackling the daily duties of motherhood, wife and BOSS! Boss moms can get caught up in the expectation that she must handle life while wearing 6in heels all day. How unrealistic is that? Lol. Don’t get me wrong, a woman loves a good heel but that is not the epitome of being stylish.


Ultimate comfort and exquisite style are key components to the evolved Love Iguehi stylish mom! No more old sweats, tees and sneakers to go pick up the kids from school and head to after-school activities. Those frumpy jeans, misshapen sweaters and leaning Uggs are not the go-to outfit for those trips to Target with the kids- even though they are very comfy lol.  Our #lovetribe is filled with all types of moms with all types of “Mom Style” and we encourage them to define it; whether it is “cute and comfy”, “form meets fashion” or “rip the runway”. No matter the style category, moms must always " Love the Way You Look. Love the Way You Feel."


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