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Life Lessons from Being a Mom Entrepreneur

Life Lessons from Being a Mom Entrepreneur
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Is being a Mompreneur an unattainable balance? I get asked this all the time and with a smirk on my face I reply, "You have no idea. Lol" But in all seriousness, Being a Mother, Wife AND Business Owner is similar to being the Ring Master in a circus. I'm responsible for making sure everyone is fed and performance ready, everything is clean, and no matter what, the show must go on! Here's the tricky part in being the Ring Master of my life, sometimes the show doesn't go on as planned and you know what; I'm ok with that!
As a mompreneur, I believe that it's important to allow yourself some grace. We strive to be the best at everything, but understanding that if it ends up being OK... then OK!  🤷🏾‍♀️ Things may not always go the way we planned but as long as your actions aren't intentionally hurting others, be gentle with yourself. Did the new collection drop when you planned? No. It was a bit delayed. You know what....That's OK! Did you prepare the fancy dinner that you've been promising your kids? No. Had to get take out. You know what....they're fed and THAT's OK!
I advise anyone in our #LoveTribe and beyond to remember these 4 tips when you find yourself struggling to juggle it all.
Be flexible- Being a mom is hard enough. Being a mom in a pandemic.... 😩. Be ok rolling with the punches and making adjustments along the way.
Rest- I know it's hard to find the time but your body and those around you will thank you for it. A well rested mommy is a better mommy. Maybe throw on your Love Iguehi kaftan, sip tea, read a book for 45 mins....and enjoy a little rest. 
Inclusion is key- Your children are watching you. If possible, try to incorporate them into the process. When they feel involved, they also take pride in what mommy is doing and it can help them envision themselves as business owners as well.
Bonus: it helps you be productive and keep an eye on them too. lol
Lean on your tribe/ network/ friends- This entrepreneurial journey is hard and can sometimes feel lonely. Don't be afraid to ask for help. Have trusted people that you can talk to even if that sometimes means that the other person is just a listening ear as you vent! Lol.
If no one has done it today, give yourself a pat on the back for being as awesome as you are! You're doing just fine. Period!


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