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The New Definition of Power Dressing For The 2020 Woman

The New Definition of Power Dressing For The 2020 Woman
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“What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today, when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language.” --- Miuccia Prada


The modern woman isn’t defined by one look and thank God for that! The clothing a woman chooses to wear can influence how she feels more than how it expresses who she is, what she wants or what she’s capable of achieving. A great outfit boosts her inner confidence so she looks the part but feels it too and acts accordingly. So…. what is “Power Dressing?” Its definition has evolved throughout the years; from restrictive under garments and mimicking men business suits to exaggerated shoulders and nipped in waists. Designers, entrepreneurs, executives and creatives all have their take on Power Dressing and so do we!



At Love Iguehi, ‘power dressing’ simply means loving the way you look and loving the way you feel when you purchase our clothing. From the quality of our fabric choices to the versatility of our apparel and accessories allows our customers to create stable pieces in their wardrobe that’s sure to last a lifetime! We are empowered to continue our mission of creating the highest quality custom clothing and limited-edition ready to wear pieces that compliment and accentuate the body. Each piece features beautiful textiles and vibrant colors that serve as one-of-a kind statement pieces for every occasion.


A powerful woman making a powerful fashion statement is the ultimate Power Dressing!



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