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What Does "Buy-Black" Mean To You?

What Does "Buy-Black" Mean To You?
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Some Americans looking to send a message with their dollars heed the call to “Buy-Black”. Celebrities and major companies alike urge shoppers to support Black-owned businesses especially during times of strife, in efforts to boost sales as quickly as possible. Theoretically, this show of support by so many at one time is supposed to propel these businesses into sustainability. But as we all know; long term economic growth doesn’t happen overnight.

As a Black-owned, woman-owned business the support I receive from the #LoveTribe is overwhelming and I will forever and always be grateful!

Unfortunately for some Black-owned businesses, the support is fleeting. So, with tomorrow being the first day of Black History Month AND the first day that the #LoveTribe vows to continue the support of Black-owned businesses on a consistent basis 👀👀; let me help you out with some ways you can support.


  1. Add them to your list of go-to places.: Add your favorite Black-owned restaurants, online stores, apparel shops and more to your mental rolodex or apps like Yelp. Making an effort to “Buy Black” from these lists of stores at least 1-2 times a week can make a tremendous difference in the lives of these Black-business owners.
  2. Tell a friend to tell a friend.: Word of mouth recommendations bring validity and good press to the establishment. Bonus: In the times of corporate vending, recommend your local favorite Black-owned caterers, business owners to be added to the list.
  3. Lets Get Social- 6ft social distancing of course 👏🏽: Follow and post about your favorite Black-owned companies. Social (media) interactions help them build communities, raises their profile reach and creates positive FREE publicity, which they may not be able to afford otherwise.
  4. Write positive and constructive reviews.: Yelp and Google reviews are crucial in bringing direct traffic to these businesses. If an experience was unsatisfactory, consider addressing the issue in the moment and offering suggestions on how to do better moving forward.
  5. Remember the GOAL of support.: Supporting a Black-owned business does not entail asking for a freebie, discount or price negotiation.


These tips and more are just a start to how we as a community are able to consistently continue economic support to our fellow Black-owned businesses.

Please share below some of your ways to support Black-owned businesses on a consistent basis.




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