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Be Organized Chaos

Be Organized Chaos
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When you organize, you often find things that you didn’t know you had. 🙈 As a multi-hat wearer, re-organizing your chaos can lead to some wonderful discoveries about yourself AND your business. Stress reduction is one of the benefits to re-organizing and decluttering your space.



As a mother of three and a wife, taking the time to organize my chaos has become something that I've come to master. It saves my family time on looking for things. It saves us money by not buying items we already own. My husband is  super happy about that. Lol As an added bonus, I’m able to teach my girls independence by allowing them to help out when needed because I can properly direct them to get the things I need. “Hey sweets, can you hand me the black pen in my cup on the right side of the desk?” Thanks a bunch! See how easy that is moms? Or when it comes to my husband, he won’t have to ask, “Honey, where my keys?” because they’re already in the same spot they’re always in. So, I win again! Yaaaasssssss!!!!!!


As a business owner, its super important that I keep organized. Between my team, my orders, my inventory and my #LoveTribe… your Creator Bae would be exhausted if I wasn’t organized. And y’all would be upset with delayed orders. Lol.


But luckily for us all, we don’t have to worry about all that. As a creative, there is a certain level of chaos to be expected but I make sure that it's Organized Chaos!


Tell me how you all stay organized in a world filled with chaos!


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