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A Modern Take On Traditional Fashion With An African Flare

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"Fashion can be used as a cultural translator...; it re-establishes the balance between symbols, stories and different worlds through style." - Stella Jean

The Journey To Love Iguehi

I am a Nigerian-American who discovered my love for sewing when I taught myself how to sew in the Fall of 2015. My friends and even random people asked me where I bought my clothing and once they found out that I made the items myself, they unabashedly asked for their own pieces. 👏🏽 So with the encouragement from friends, family and strangers, Love Iguehi was born out of my desire to create apparel that was beautiful and well made. 

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Fashion as a Cultural Translator 

My ability to intentionally design pieces that are loose fitting to provide comfort, flexible and versatile in styling and easily enhances an existing wardrobe... is my Superpower. 💪🏽 Love Iguehis a reflection of my modern take on a more traditional African wear design aesthetic combined with today's cultural climate. 2020 was a year of a lot of firsts... to say the least. Mandatory wearing of face masks, homeschooling/ distance learning and working from home pushed Love Iguehi to make sure our #LoveTribe was well equipped to be fashion forward and functional during this time. The production of our face masks continue to meet the need to be stylish yet functional. While our kaftans were created to provide people with stylish yet comfortable options to wear around the house since most of us were/are spending more time at home. 

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Designed With YOU In Mind

The journey to Love is filled with color, patterns and a feeling of bold freedom! Our mission is to design pieces that help people fall in love with their wardrobe all over again. Being excited about getting dressed, even if it means adding a little pop of color via a face mask, head wrap or scarf to your ensemble... no matter where you go, you'll always "Love the way you look. Love the way you feel." - Love Iguehi



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